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"Little Ninjas"
Age 3-4 
w/Parent Participation

This class is Miss Joyce's Creation!  Over the years of teaching our Karate Kids, we have seen so much interest from the younger siblings who are not quite old enough yet to jump out onto the training floor by themselves!  That is when Miss Joyce created a 30 minute class specifically for ages 3 - young 4yr olds that includes parent participation!  Skills that are worked on: Following basic commands from both Miss Joyce and mom or dad... Number, Color and Shape recognition... Sharing with others... Understanding and Complying with "No" from mom and dad... Playing Fair with others... etc!  This class has been a SMASH HIT since beginning in Fall 2018!

"Karate Kids"
Age 4-6 Martial Arts

At this age, we focus on one thing... FOCUS! While students are training in this class, we will cover basic self defense, basic TaeKwonDo kicks and katas and most importantly - We spend time on the things that parents want most out of their children - Respect, Confidence and Self-Control! Students in this class work towards earning our Camo Belt and then once they have reached the appropriate age and rank, they will promote to the Beginners Program and start their Journey to their Jr. Black Belt!



Self Control




Age 7-12 Martial Arts

Training in a hybrid system of TaeKwonDo, Chinese Kempo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... your child will learn how to defend against every common attack or bullying situation they will encounter at their respective age group.  Grab Defenses, Punch and Kick Defenses, Takedowns and Takedown Defense and Basic Grappling and Groundfighting!  Combine that with our innovative and empowering TMAC Character Education program that goes hand-in-hand with our Physical Training and you've got the #1 Youth Martial Arts Training System in Southeastern Massachussetts!

Strength & Conditioning
Ages 14 and up or...
Martial Arts Students 7 and up

Our Strength & Conditioning Program is unmatched in the Norton Area.  Miss Joyce will have you looking and feeling exactly the way you want, right down to the very pound and inch goal you are looking to hit!  Our classes are 45min long and consist of Cardio drills, Boxing (bag work, no contact), Weight Training, Plyometrics, Body Weight Calisthenics and Resistance Training!

Nutritional Plans are also available and we often run Boot Camps and 14 or 30 Day Fitness Challenges to keep you motivated and on track to reaching your goals!

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Cross Fit Class
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